10 reasons why you should switch to fabpad menstrual cup?

10 reasons why you should switch to fabpad menstrual cup?

Ever since they appeared on the horizon, menstrual cups have generated a lot of interest and buzz. Eco-friendly and a worthy alternative to pads and tampons, their ability to help manage periods better, made them an instant hit and a class apart.

Fabpad, a leading eco-friendly and hygienic menstrual solutions providerbased out of Kolkata, offers a diverse array of menstrual cups in two sizes. Since its inception, the cups have been received well and also earned a lot of appreciation from people who matter.

Today, they are much sought after. Some people may wonder why?

There are 10 good reasons that make them a worthy buy and wear product.



  • Are completely natural and pure, made without chemicals, latex, BPA or dye and other harmful additives. This means you need not worry about holding it close to your vaginal membranes. Toxic-free and durable further makes them comfortable, easy, and convenient to use as well.
  • Are incredibly convenient, and can hold more liquid than a tampon. What more, you don’t have to empty it for up to 12 hours unlike most tampons or pads which need to be changed every five or seven hours, based on your flow. About two or four times a day is enough to empty it during normal flow, with about five extra hours left free between each emptying period.
  • Have the capacity to hold more liquid, about five times more the amount of period blood that the tampons can hold. This makes them suitable for women who have heavier flows.
  • Are suitable for heavy flows, It comes with a higher capacity than even the most absorbent tampon. This means you can wear it for up-to 12 hours depending upon your flow.
  • Do not require frequent toilet breaks for changing. This means unlike a pad/tampon, which needs to be changed every few hours, they need change-over only at certain durations, making them comfortable and convenient to use, especially if you’re outdoors and moving about.
  • Are leak-proof thanks to their body-aligned designs. Their flexibility and spill-proof rim will fit within your body’s curves thereby ensuring leak-free protection. Once you properly insert them, they create suction and all of the liquid that falls gets sealed inside them, till they are removed. In case, if they fill-up and become heavy, it will make them shift or reach a specific time period, causing in the bargain some amount of leaks. The key to prevent this is to properly set them up. If done, you need not have to empty them for up to 12 hours or keep checking them for stains every time, you come off your sitting zone.
  • Do not guzzle or siphon off menstrual fluid or natural moisture generated by your vagina. Rather it collects them, and holds them until emptied. Even after that, they can be hygienically disposed of. This way, they do not make you feel dry or uncomfortable. The other factor that makes them comfortable is you won’t even feel their presence inside you when you are wearing them; however this is possible only if you insert them properly.
  • Do not make you feel uncomfortable when you play water sports or do physical activities. No matter what water sports you play or what physical activities like dancing or swimming or biking or snorkeling and such likes, you undertake, you can do them comfortably without feeling their presence inside. You can even travel without any fear or feeling discomfort. They are also ideal for women who work for long hours or have fewer toilet breaks (like retail staff or hospital staff).
  • Do not create rashes or spread foul odor or create any kind of stifling moist environment which breeds bacteria or yeast infections. More importantly, they free-up your bag space by ensuring you no longer to carry them unlike pads or tampons which you need to store in your bag when you move or travel around. Even if you have periods during your travel or movements, the menstrual cup inside will take care of it.
  • Do not cause dryness or dampness during your periods. Unlike a tampon whose absorbency can dry out the mucous membrane by over-wicking natural moisture in your vagina, they do not obstruct the natural lubricating nature of the vagina, or shedding of menstrual blood, dead cells or bacteria, or feeling of wetness down there. Further, their ultra-soft material offers long-lasting period-care, leaving no room for irritation or itching or rashes or menstrual odor or dryness. When you use them, you feel as if you are not even menstruating, and instead, can enjoy secure, comfortable, leak-free protection for up-to 12 hours.

They are also extremely environment-friendly. That’s because they can be reused again. With proper care and maintenance, they can even last for years. This way, they generate less waste and do not need to be improperly disposed of in landfills now and then or in toilets which if done, will only end-up blocking the sewage system.

You also save a lot of money as they are economically feasible. That is because you only need to buy them once and can use them for years if properly taken care of. Furthermore, you do not need to maintain monthly stock nor worry about running out of stock when your period is nearing every month.


Made from 100% medical grade silicone, Fabpad’s range of menstrual cups are reusable, cost-effective, and healthier for you and the environment, a perfect zero-wastage product. FDA-approved, they are absolutely safe for skin (based on IOS) and free from SVHC (substances that are of very high concern).

Small in size, Fabpad’s range of menstrual cups are suitable for women with a built or women up-to the age of 30 years or women who have not given birth. They are also ideal for first-time wearers and teenagers. A single cup can last up to 10 to 15 years (though the recommended period for replacing them is every 3-5 years depending on the water quality in your area).

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