Debarpito S.

I love these pads. They are just so soft. After ordering for a trial one, I was so happy with the purchase, I ordered the whole pack and I just love them. They don't give me rashes unlike those disposables also they are very good for the environment.

Sukanya Dey

The best in the market 🔥❣️I'd have switched to these pads if I had known before, and I'm happy that i did it since last day with holding hands of this amazing brand.

Flipkart Customer

It's too gud guys pls change the sanitary pads because that bad cause the cancer and many urethra problem and vaginal infection so use the reusable pads and pls suggest the reusable cloth bad to many girls some girls are don't know that so spread this awareness...and live healthy life.

Sayani Dutta

It's very soft. Very comfortable for long-term use. It absorb effectively. Budget friendly option for young girl. I use it 12 hours nd it absorb everything. Please give it a try girls.

Anjali Singh

Very nice product...well satisfied... The experience was really very comfortable.... I would recommend every woman to use this product ..if you have normal or low flow .. alternative of pad, menstrual cup , tampon.. Love it.


The quality of the pads is good, they are high absorbent what is really important to me, to avoid leakage. A must for every woman, no rashes, no discomfort, no more garbage and toxic pollution. Ps. Customer service is great 👍

Afrah Ahamad

I've ordered cloth pads from 3 brands, and so far this one is the best. It's fabric is soft and doesn't give any discomfort. It doesn't leak either. I would surely considering buying more.

Ashwini P

Amazing product !! Firstly it's nature friendly and that I liked most. We are reducing so much plastic waste by using this. About product I can say surely recommended to use☀️. Happy with product. Must try.

Vedika Kothari

Loved the product! So comfortable, easy to use, so easy to clean and to top it all it's such an environmentally-friendly product! Would highly highly recommend!

Amazon Customer

These pads are reusable, hygenic,soft and Ecofriendly... I want to suggest every one to switch for reusable material and help to reduce soil and river pollution.