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1How to Use FabPads?

Fabpads are really very simple to use!

Snap the pad around your underwear. The top side of the pad goes against your skin, and the cloth wings go under the crotch of the underwear to snap in place. Change the pad every 2 – 6 hours, or as needed. Your used pad can be soaked to hand wash if you’re at home, or the Wash bag if you’re on the go. Fabpads can be changed as often as you would change a disposable pad. Like any pad, if a Fabpad becomes oversaturated, it may leak. You can also check the pad to see how saturated it is. If you’re out of the house, simply carry the Wash bag with you to hold your used and fresh pads. After removing your used cloth pad, you can easily fold the pad in on itself and snap it shut to form a neat little package that can be slipped into your Wash Bag. Once home, you can wash the pad when you’re ready.

2 Why switch to FabPads?

There are so many reasons to make the switch to reusable FabPads!

Health: Disposable pads often contain all sorts of chemicals. They also use synthetics like rayon, which is bleached to make it appear white. Bleaching can create dioxin, a highly toxic pollutant that may lead to various forms of cancer and endometriosis. Other ingredients range from wood pulp and adhesives to artificial fragrance and chemical gels. On the other hand, Fabpads are made of dye-free or naturally dyed cloth – something that is more suitable for the most sensitive part of your body!

Comfort: Chaffing, redness, irritation – these are all common problems encountered when using disposable pads made with questionable non-natural products. Fabpads easily solve this issue because they are made of high quality textile and breathable cotton, which are soft and comfortable to use even for longer periods of time.

Environment: A usual plastic, disposable pad takes between 500-800 years to fully decompose. Add to that the fact that India creates a staggering 113,000 tonnes of menstrual waste annually, and we have a growing problem on our hands. Use and throw is no longer an option. We need products that will be gentle on our bodies as well as on the environment. FabPads are a great solution to this problem. Our cloth pads can be reused for over 100 washes, and are not harmful when disposed.

Budget: Buying disposables every month can add up! While it seems like buying one FabPad is expensive, when the per use cost is calculated, it is much lower than disposables!

3Are FabPads safe to use?

Very much so! FabPads are made with textiles and cotton which are far more breathable and protect your most sensitive parts from the harsh and harmful chemicals used on traditional disposable pads. Of course, it’s important to change FabPads regularly, since they can irritate your skin, just like any other material when they become saturated and wet. Always ensure that your FabPad is washed and dried properly to keep them sanitary and safe for use.

4 How to care for FabPads

FabPads are simple to take care of, and are best to hand-wash. Soaking or rinsing soiled pads in cold water before washing helps to remove as much blood as possible and prevent stains. Do not bleach or iron the pads. Some people prefer to wash the pads on a daily basis, while others wash them all together. Our favourite, fuss-free method is as follows:

  1. Fill a small bucket with cold water. Throw all the used pads in and let them soak. Soaking gets most of the blood out and prevents any staining. You can add disinfectant, baking soda, tea tree oil or soap to help with stain removal and to prevent odour.
  2. Every day when you come home, pour away the water and refill the bucket with clean water. Continue adding used pads into the bucket.
  3. After your period is over, just wash all the pads in one go! Over the days, most of the blood should have been removed with soaking.
  4. Hang dry, preferably in a sunny spot and store until it’s time for the next use.
5 Are the pads clinically tested?

The true test for menstrual products should be about safety of material and method of use (in this case, proper washing and drying). As we grow, we can obtain officially certified cloth made from GOTS (Global Organic Trade Standard). Based on countless personal experiences, cloth pads are completely safe to use when properly cared for. A requirement of clinical testing negates years of using cloth safety and creates an unnecessary barrier to its use on a wide scale.

It is interesting to note that disposable pad producers are not legally required to disclose all the ingredients used in their manufacturing. Yet, these same pads when tested, revealed toxic chemicals like carcinogens. Cloth pads on the other hand, are made of materials are widely accepted as safe, and underlining their safety are certifications for the cloth materials.

6 How long can I expect a FabPad to last?

FabPads are made with high quality textiles, which means that each pad lasts for over 100 washes!

7 What are FabPads made of?

FabPads are made of several layers of technical textile, offering the highest performance standards. They are 100% plastic free, and are made of cotton, which makes them safe to reuse.

8 Where are FabPad made?

FabPads are made and hand stitched in Kolkata, India. We employ women who are economically disadvantaged for all our tailoring needs. This allows us to help them become gainfully employed, and they take pride in their work. Our quality is kept at the highest standards since we can personally ensure this. Keeping manufacturing local also keeps our environmental footprint lower by reducing our shipping needs. 

Yes, in fact, FabPads can be extremely absorbent. Just use it for as long as you would a disposable pad. You can also check the pad to see how saturated it is.

Orders and Shipping

1Placed an order. What happens next?

Once your order has been placed, you will receive an auto-generated Email and SMS. Your Order ID and estimate time of delivery will be provided.

2 Can I modify my details after placing the order?

You have a maximum of 6 hours to modify your shipping details or your contact number. Write to us at to help you out.

3Can the order be modified after placing one already?

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to modify your order once you’ve already placed one. However, you can always place a new one. We’re easy and quick.

4How long do I have to wait for my order?

Our delivery is quite speedy. We take 3-5 business days to make you happy. follows:

5 Are there any charges for a Cash on delivery Order?

Cash on Delivery Option is available at no additional charges.


1How to avail discount?

We have multiple discount coupons available for you to shop your favourite fabpad products in best offers possible. You can only apply one coupon code per order so choose wisely.

Refunds, Cancellations and Exchange

1Can I cancel my order?

Of course, you can. This is a democracy! Write to us at to do the same.

2 Can an item be exchanged or refunded for?

Once delivered, we don’t have a return policy or an exchange one. If an item is defected or if we’ve delivered something wrong by accident, then your items will be replaced within 7 business days. A refund is only applicable for orders which weren’t delivered to the customer.

3How long does a refund take?

Typically, a refund takes 7-10 business days.

4How long do I have to wait for my order?

Our delivery is quite speedy. We take 3-5 business days to make you happy. follows:

5 Are there any charges for a Cash on delivery Order?

Cash on Delivery Option is available at no additional charges.