Our Story

By the women, for the woman. Our mission is to create eco-friendly and hygienic menstrual solutions that will be accessible to women everywhere. We aim to empower women with employment opportunities and the ability to instill awareness in their communities about the benefits of using reusable cloth pads over traditional cloth or disposable products.

FabPad is based out of Kolkata, India. It came into existence when two friends turned into business partners. Shripriya Khaitan Dhelia is a graduate from London College of Fashion and is a flourishing fashion designer by profession. Upasana Todi Prakash completed her BBA from the University of Cincinnati, Ohio and her MBA from the Indian School of Business, Hyderabad. She is a tea enthusiast and the owner of a tea estate and homestay.

FabPad was born out of a need for an affordable, healthy and reusable cloth pad. After researching all the options available in the market, the two realized the necessity of creating the cloth pad that checked all the boxes. FabPad aims to provide the basic privilege of wellness, self-care and hygiene to women everywhere.

One year hence, FabPad has become a household name with the vision of creating a new paradigm of excellence in the women’s menstrual hygiene and personal care space. The brand continues to expand its offering and continue to add sustainable products to its matrix. Thus marching forward, making a far reaching and lasting impact – one pad at a time.

FabPad strives to work with all partners who have the vision to empower and improve the lives of millions of women by providing affordable menstrual hygiene solutions. 70% of girls drop out of school when they start menstruating.

At FabPad, we employ and partner with economically disadvantaged women to stitch, finish and sell the cloth pads. These super-women are known as “Padma” which means “Mother of pads”.

For every 25 pads sold, we donate 1 pad to economically disadvantaged girls.